Her job and mine


She was already on the job, I was on my way to mine when I met her. I don’t know for how long we will have these women in the streets of Porto. There are not many of them left and I don’t think any new ones will take up the business. She’s carrying fresh fish in two large basins, one on her head. She will walk the smaller streets of the neighbourhoods of small houses that start in the end of this street. stop at the same places at what is probably an agreed-on time where the old women of the neighbourhood will join her to get their daily fish. I’ve never bought anything from her, but I don’t doubt the quality. In a seaside town in the country where most fish per capita in Europe is consumed there is no way you can do business with second-rate fish.


One thought on “Her job and mine

  1. Wow! We don’t eat a lot of fish though we are only about an hour from the Pacific Ocean.
    We do eat dessert pizza with a brownie (chocolate cake) crust, cream cheese and fruit toppings.

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