Practice, training…

Most of this weekend was spent doing a camera workshop with António Sá, a extraordinarily talented and charming Portuguese photographer who spends part of his photography time sharing skills and places with others through workshops and photo tours.


This workshop focused on the camera and aimed to make us more familiar with the functions of the digital camera. Once a reasonably competent amateur, I’ve felt that since I got a digtial camera I really got trapped in autofocus mode and lost most of the little sophistication I had. This workshop was really what I needed. The first few hours were really liberating in a way that I can’t really tell without feeling slightly stupid. Switching off the auto-mode and learning that Tv means shutter speed priority and Av means aperture priority didn’t take many minutes and it took me right back to where I was when I left my dear old manual reflex Minolta ten years ago.

Then I learnt a few new things too, such as how to make use of a slow shutter speed and moving the camera with a moving object. This was one of my more successful attempts. I love the feeling of a spring morning the photo transmits.


The workshop was spectacular and I warmly recommend attending any of the events that António organizes together with his wife Ana Pedrosa, whether a workshop or a photo tout. You will learn and enjoy in good company, wine and coffee won’t be missing and you will be in places which are always worth visiting. This time I got to know a place where I had never set foot in the town where I’ve lived for nearly fifteen years. Espaço Mira is something absolutely unexpected, beyond the words I’ve got right now.



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